Do you have an abundance of time and energy while running your business?

I remember when my energy was so inconsistent, I couldn’t focus on the tasks at hand, and feeling anxious about how much had to get done...

Then one day, my mom called me up and told me about how “Bulletproof coffee” stuff was on sale at Whole Foods (and I promise I’m not just gonna tell you to do keto - far from it). I gave it a try, and by the third day, I had more energy than I had ever experienced in my life. And it was consistent too!

I got curious if there were any other ways I could increase my energy and focus, so I started listening to the Bulletproof podcast… Then the Underground Wellness podcast.. then the Mercola podcast…

During this time, I picked up a job working for a top online influencer doing LITERALLY everything. (I mean, I still have a document on my computer called “what the hell is my job.txt” listing all my responsibilities.)

Energy management became CRUCIAL. We ran an event where I literally made the slides, cooked for 10 people, filmed, and created the agenda. While working for this guy, I developed a total philosophy for project management and have since helped successfully implement it into a number of businesses. So I get what it’s like to manage a bunch of projects and people. This was my training ground for business systems and energy management.

By March, I had listened to just over 600 podcasts in 7 months - an average of 2.3 a day and I had heard STORY after STORY where Western medicine had totally failed, and healing only required a few tiny changes.

That was when I decided that I wanted to help other people get the same awesome results I got and more… but I wanted to make sure I had a way to course correct if my recommendations failed.

So I decided to get an advanced certification from Functional Diagnostic Nutrition; a functional medicine school that has been around for over 10 years. It took my 8 months to complete the certification, but in that time I learned how, at a FUNDAMENTAL level, the body worked as a complete system and how to create wholistic, drug-free, natural healing protocols. Universal principles that improve every person’s life, no matter where they’re at.

After I completed the certification, I tapered off the digital media work and started coaching people 1-on-1 specifically focusing on getting more energy and focus.

I love connecting with visionary entrepreneurs and seeing if there’s any ways I can help you increase your energy and focus. We all only have 24 hours in a day, so time is limited if you are interested in scheduling a connection call with me, message me or click the link below to grab a time.